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About us

Welcome to Barker and Ball.

We love dogs.  Some might say we prefer dogs to humans! We also love to spoil our dogs... and ourselves.

We believe that there's no reason why your dog shouldn't be as stylish as you – in the house, at the park, on the beach, in the city or out in the countryside. So based on the simple principles of good old-fashioned high quality and excellent service, we set about finding a selection of luxury doggy items from around the world.

We hope you like the diversity of interesting design-led products here at Barker and Ball. We have a stylish and contemporary mix of ingredients ranging from doggy fashion and toys to furniture and food.

If you have a question, suggestion or request, please do call 01278 780374 UK or e-mail Everyone here is passionate about dogs and will be able to help. And each of us is determined that you will be delighted by our service.

Happy shopping!