About us

Welcome to Barker and Ball.

We create beautifully handmade dog accessories, combining timeless design with a passion for what's best for your dog. We work with local craftspeople and reclaimed, natural materials. 

Our journey started out with a quest to find dog beds which were both innovative in design and a good fit for our interior style, which led us to taking our own designs to local craftspeople. 

What started out as a mini quest inspired us to discover what else we could make for our dogs, using local talent in Devon and Somerset, and high quality, natural and organic materials. It inspired us to do something different and share our designs and discoveries with other dog lovers. 

We now have a small collection of handmade dog coats, cushions, bandanas and beds to celebrate the skills of artisans and bring style and quality to your dog and home. 

If you have a question, suggestion or request, please do call 07786577666 UK or e-mail help@barkerandball.com Everyone here is passionate about dogs and will be able to help. And each of us is determined that you will be delighted by our service.

Happy shopping!