Which Are The Best Dog Beds?



The search for the best dog beds and dog cushions can be overwhelming. There are so many different types to choose from, each claiming to be the absolute best for your dog, be it heated beds, cooling beds, donut beds... we could go on and on.

At Barker and Ball, we've gone with our experience of having our own dogs, combined with our joinery and design backgrounds, to create what we believe to be a simple, long-lasting, and most importantly, comfortable and stylish option for your dog.

Designed and made in our Somerset workshop, our wooden dog beds are built to last and designed for beauty. The reclaimed wood is finished with a natural bees wax for a smooth, natural finish which is most importantly completely chemical free. 

Raised off the ground with slatted bases, the beds allow for airflow and breathability - both incredibly important for keeping your dog cool and for preventing a build up of dust and the likelihood of dust mites which thrive in bedding that sits directly on the floor or carpet. 

The gentle slopes on the each side of the beds make it easy for your dog to find a comfortable position, and also allows for easy access. 

And now we get to the bit which makes us want to have a day in the life of one of our dogs... the cushions!

Handmade by seamstress Isla Mitchell in Devon, the dog cushions are made from thick Organic fabric, with a choice of basketweave or herringbone, and are tailor made for our wooden dog beds. Each cushion is deep filled with cluster fibre which is hypoallergenic and washable, and moulds to the shape of your dog for fantastic support and comfort. 

Combined with the practical-yet-beautiful design of the wooden dog beds, and we believe we have found the best dog beds for our four-legged friends. And it helps that they look stunning in our house as well.